Dhaakad Meaning in Hindi,English

November 25, 2016 Word Meaning

DhaakaR / Dhaakkad/ Dhakad/ Dhaakad Meaning dhaakaR (also written as dhaakaD) is a hindi word which is used for someone who is powerful and strong Dhaakad Means धाकड़ meaning in hindi जिसकी धाक या दबदबा हो 2. ताकतवर; तगड़ा; बलवान; प्रबल , translation and meaning …..

Alizeh meaning in Hindi,English,Urdu

October 26, 2016 Word Meaning

Alizeh meaning Alizeh Is Muslim Girl Name (Alizeh is thename of the character of Anushka Sharma in the movie. Alizeh means trade winds)   About the name Alize The meaning of the name Alize is Joyful The origin of the name Alize is Hebrew Hindi …..

Channa Mereya Meaning In Hindi,English

September 29, 2016 Word Meaning

Channa Mereya Meaning Channa Mereya means “the light of my soul,” [channa mereya = my beloved (my moon)] Channa Mereya Meaning in hindi – परमप्रिय प्रिय dear, beloved, darling, sweetheart, favorite, pet beloved Channa Mereya meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मतलब) : Get detailed meaning of …..

Darkhaast/ Darkhast Meaning In Hindi,English | Shivaay

September 20, 2016 Word Meaning

What is the meaning of the Hindi word दरखास्त (Darkhaast )? Devanagari:दरख़्वास्त,Persian:درخواست) which is Urdu for ‘request.’ Darkhast means application or petition. The word Darkhast is urdu word. This is your repeated petition whereas the earlier has already been attended very well. Darkhaast – निवेदन …..

Gabbroo/Gabroo/Gabru Meaning In Hindi,English,Punjabi

September 18, 2016 Word Meaning

Gabbroo/Gabroo/Gabru Meaning It means “Youthful/Young” but is only used for males. And by “young” the often mean someone who is strong. “gabroo” mean in Punjabi (indian language) जवान गब्रू (Gabru) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मतलब) : Get detailed meaning of Gabbroo in English language.गब्रू …..

Murshid Meaning in Hindi – English,Urdu

September 17, 2016 Word Meaning

Murshid is an Urdu word which means a leader, or a guide, mostly a spiritual guide. Hindi meaning of Murshid आध्यात्मिक मार्गदर्शक Bulleya from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song where the word is used. Hindi meaning of Murshid, Murshid meaning in English, Murshid ka matalab …..

Bulleya Meaning In Hindi,English,Urdu,Punjabi

September 16, 2016 Word Meaning

bulleya meaning Bulleya is the urdu word bulleya meaning in hindi english Bulleya (Bulleya is short for Bulleh Shah) Bulleh Shah was a great Punjabi Sufi poet, humanist and philosopher. Hindi meaning of Bulleya, Bulleya meaning in English, Bulleya ka matalab hindi me, Bulleya translation …..

Mausiiquii Meaning in Hindi,English

September 15, 2016 Word Meaning

Mausiiquii- Meaning in Hindi Mausiiquii means music  संगीत Mausiiquii means music and singing. Mausiiquii- Meaning in English mausiiquii Word used in recenty himesh album aap se mausiiquii Mausiqui- Meaning in Hindi, what is meaning of Mausiiquii in Hindi dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of Mausiiquii …..

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