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Official app of hindilyricspk app is availibe for download
Hindilyrispk is a website which provides Hindi songs lyrics in hindi font
 English Translations of Bollywood songs, meanings of words from Hindi movie songs’ lyrics, Hindi music album lyrics, meanings of words from Bollywood movies, and even meanings of movie titles. 
Now we are trying to reach you with another medium, through your phones and tablets, as an app.
We have tried to make a simple, clean app, with Latest Posts, List of Movies in order of recency, saving posts for offline use, and basic search functionality. We sincerely hope it would be helpful. The main features of the app are as follows.
App Removed for update
About App
App works on android 2.3 and above  support lolipop
App size 10MB
Automatic installation/movable to sd card
1 Hindi lyrics ,Punjabi Lyrics and Translation by catagory
2 Latest Lyrics Translations with Infinite Scroll
3. List of Movies with all Related Posts in one place for one movie, in order of recency.
4. Easy Recognition Symbols for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada word-meanings/lyrics-translations.
5. Search option to search entire database in Top-Right.
6. Simple, clean, clutter-free interface with intuitive left-right swipe and vertical scrolls.
If there is something you think we can help you with, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] or send us a message on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Hindilyricspk-1658759951035451. We’d be happy to help.