Gal Ban Gayi Lyrics English Translation – Sukhbir

SUKHBIR Gal Ban Gaye Lyrics Meaning in English

New version Lyrics Honey singh Neha Kakkar

Hoi munday ha, bhangara paunday The guys are dancing the bhangra
Tay kuria giddha ha paawan The girls are dancing the giddha
Nach nach-kay, kushi manaday They’re dancing and having fun
Tay geet panjabi gaawan And they’re singing Punjabi songs


Ho mundiya-day kuria dee gal ban gayi There’s something going on between the guys and the girls
Oh ban gayi, gal ban gayi, ban gayi Going on, there’s something going on
Ho mundiya-day kuria-dee akh lar-gee The guys and girls are having eyecontact
Oh lar-gee akh largee, largee Eyecontact, they’re having eyecontact


Hoi munday hay kar chalanday The guys are driving cars
Lay kuriya pai-dal jaawan The girls are going on foot
Koi akh-nal-akh, leraa kay Some of them have eyecontact
Tay pind-beech-bhertu paawan And make noise in the middle of the village (not quite sure about this one)




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