Bedu Pako Bara Masa Lyrics And English Translation,Meaning

Bedu Pako Bara Masa Lyrics: Bedu Pako (Kumaoni/Garhwali): बेड़ू पाको ; is an Uttarakhandi folk song which was conceptualised and written by Brijendra Lal Shah. It was composed by Mohan Upreti and B. M. Shah

Bedu Pako Bara Masa Lyrics

Bedu pako bara masa
O Naraini kafal paako chaita, meri chhaila

Bedu pako bara masa
Naraina kafal paako chaita, meri chhaila

Bhoon bhoona deen aayo
Naraina, tuja teri maita, meri chaila

Almora ki Nanda Devi
O naren phul chaduni paat meri chhail
Bedu pako bara masa…..

Tyara khutta kaando budyo
O naren mera khutti peed meri chhaila.
Bedu pako baromasa…..

Aap khanchhe paan supari
O naren main piluchhe bidi meri chhaila,
Bedu pako baromasa…..

Almora ko lal bazaar
O naren lal matta ki seedhi meri chhalia,
Bedu pako baromasa…..

“Bedu pako barah masa”,

Bedu Pako Bara Masa English Translation,Meaning

Bedu means berries , pako means ripe, barah, you could guess, it is 12 and masa is month. Collectively, Berries are ripen for all twelve months.

Next sub-line , “Oh Naren,, Kafal pako Chaita, meri chaillaa”, Naren is , I guess, he/she calling each other, there are certain words in Garhwali/kumaoni that you only use, it is one of them. Kafal is a special kind of berry, here it is. Chaita is “mid-March to mid-April” period of the year. So, you may now collect this as “Oh Naren, Kafal is ripen on Chaita.”

Rest of lyrics in the song describes for places namely Laal-Bazaar of Almora, Nainital’s Naina devi temple.




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