Vaanam Paarthen Lyrics With English Translation – Kabali

vaanam paarthenVaanam Paarthen Song Lyrics With English Translation

Vaanam Paarthen Lyrics This song from Kabali The film stars Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte and Dinesh. Music composed by Santhosh Narayanan. Released under Think Music.and lyrics written by Kabilan

Movie : Kabali
Song : Vaanam Paarthen Lyrics
Singer : Pradeep Kumar
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics : Kabilan

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Vaanam Paarthen Song Lyrics meaning

Song sequence: (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(3)-(6)-(1)-(7)-(3)


nadhiyena naan oadoadi
kadalinai thinam thaedinaen
thanimaiyin vali theeraadhoa

Like a river, I flow and
search for the ocean everyday.
But wont the pain of loneliness end?


moochchu kaatRu poana pinpu naan vaazhvadhoa
theeraadha kaayam manadhil unnaaladi.. aaRaadhadi

After my breath is gone, should I live?
A chronic wound in my heart because of you. It won’t heal.


vaanam paarthaen..
pazhagiya viNmeen enggoa poaga
paaRai nenjam karaindhdhadhae

I saw the sky…
A familiar star vanished from the sky.
The Stone heart of mine melts away.


aenoa indRu thooram poanaaL
idappakkam thudithidum
irudhaya isaiyena irundhdhavaL avaL
enggu poanaaLoa?

Why did she went far from me today.
The left side rhythmic beats from
my heart was her.
Where did she go?


iruvizhi imai saeraamal, uRanggida madi kaetkiRaen
mazhaiyinai kaN kaaNaamal
maegam paarthu poomi kaetka, naan paadinaen
neeyillaa naanoa, nizhal thaedidum niJam aanaenadi..

I ask for a lap to sleep without having my two eyes shut.
Without the rain, my eyes watch the clouds and I sung for the earth to listen.
My existence without you, became a truth searching for a hide out.


enggum paarthaen undhdhan pimpam
kanavilum ninaivilum
thinam thinam varubavaL
edhirinil ini vara naeraadhoa

I saw you as an illusion everywhere.
You are the woman, who come in my dreams and as thoughts everyday.
Isn’t it possible for you to come to me.


thooNdil muLLil maatti koNda meen naanadi
aemaaRum kaalam inimael vaeNdaamadi kai saeradi..

I am a fish caught in the fishing hook.
Let us not get cheated by time hereafter. Come join hands with me.

vaanam parthen lyrics and translation




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