Meaning of Sairat (movie) In English,Hindi,Marathi

So literally sairat in marathi means totally wild
If we call someone or something as a “sairat”then it means it is fully wild or mad  ……

The name is given to this movie ;because this movie is about love story of teenagers who belongs to different caste and there fight for their love …
In this movie,these teenagers are so much in love so they dont think about anything except love ,that is they are “sairat”  for that ,means “mad”for their love.

Meaning of Sairat word

About word Sairat :

Sairat is an old marathi word that is used in many marathi abhangs and old literature. It was in wide use decades ago, as time passed its use also became less and less. As it sounds different from Marathi, it is not as different. It is a pure marathi word

sairat meaning in hindi – Pyaar mein pagal hona



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