Angel Lyrics – Taher Shah

tahir angelAngle lyrics by tahir shah: Pakistani Singer Taher Shah released his latest song ‘Angel’ and the entire social media community is going crazy over it. Dressed in a purple velvet dress, Taher Shah has transformed him self in an ‘angel’ with wings, long hair and a tiara.

ANGEL Lyrics – Tahir Shah

Angel (x2)
I am like an Angel..,
Mankind’s Angel..,
My heart is like a rose..,
Mankind’s own..,
There’s creation..,
By God..,
Heaven on earth..,
Mankind’s Angel..
Lonely for you..,
Like an Angel..,
Your love is mine..
True Angel..,
Without you..,
I always live alone..
As the heart beats..,
Without a soul..,
I fall in love..,
With you always..,
Like Angels..,
Love other Angels..
Angel (x2),
Mankind’s Angels..
La La La La..,
La La La La..,
I and you..,
Are both like angels..,
Within a human..,
Is an angel..,
love is the..,
Often angel..,
You are my lovely sweet angel..,
Without you..,
My love stays alone..,
Like a mermaid..,
Lives alone..,
When I found you..,
I was so glad..,
As I came..,
Lovely heaven..,
Angel angel..,
Mankind’s angel..,
La la la la..
La la la la..,
We can all be angels..,
A human like an angel..
Shines as a star..,
The angel’s character speaks like a flower..,
The stars are decorated by angels..,
Like the dew feels petals of a flower..,
All angels remain quiet..,
Like those flower that persist silent..,
But spread their essence but always desire jovial..,
You are beautiful..,
As the universe..,
Charming angel..,
You are beautiful..,
Oh angel..,
You are so special..,
As you are my lovely reflection..,
Son you are..,
My honor my angel..
You are my faith my soul..,,
My angel..,
Your life is like..,
A pretty flower..
Live is so graceful..,
Like an angel..,
Angel (x2),
Mankind’s angel..,
La la la la..,
La la la la..



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