Pashmina Meaning In English Fitoor | पश्मीना meaning in hindi

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English meaning of  Pashmina is a type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir

meaning of pashmina

The name comes from Persian: پشمینه‎‎ / pašmina, meaning “made from wool” and literally translates to “Soft Gold” in Kashmiri

Hindi meaning of pashmina भेंड़ों की एक प्रकार की प्रजाति 2. कश्मीर में बनने वाला एक प्रकार का ऊनी कपड़ा।
Urdu meaning Pashmina is a Muslim baby Girl name. It is an Urdu originated name. Pashmina meaning is Woollen type of cloth



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