Daayre lyrics – Translation in English – Dilwale

Daayre lyrics – English Translation -dilwale

Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Label: Sony Music
Singer: Arijit Singh
Dilon Ki Mohabbat Ko Baandhe Kyun Haaye Re… (x2)
Why do these tie the love between the hearts?
Daayre… (x4)
These boundaries

Hain Kyun Faasle Darmiyaan Leke Aaye Re (x2)
Why do these bring distances between loved ones?
Daayre… (x4)
These boundaries

Kaanch Ke Wo Khwaab Naazuk They Humare Saare…
All my dreams were fragile like glass
Chhoone Se Hi Tootne Lage…
Just upon touching they started breaking 
Mannaton Mein Umr Bhar Ka Saath Jinka Maanga…
In my prayers, the ones whose companionship I asked for my lifetime
Humsafar Wo Chhootne Lage…
Those beloved ones are getting separated from me

Na Marna Munaasib Jiya Bhi Na Jaaye Re… (x2)
Dying seems inappropriate, living life has become extremely difficult as well 
Haaye Re…
Oh my!
Daayre… (x3)
These boundaries

Ooo… Yeah… 
Na Na Na Na…
Ooo… Ooo…



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