GABRU LYRICS – Honey Singh ft J-Star Translation in English

Song: Gabru
Album: International Villager
Language: Punjabi
Artist (s): Honey Singh ft J Star
GABRU LYRICS – Honey Singh ft J-Star english translation
Mundri banai phire te vich nag jadvayi phire
Wears a ring with a stud in it,
Ik paase billo tera naa likhwai phire
And one side he has your name written/engraved,
Pyaar tenu karda ae gabru, pyaar bada karda ae gabru
Gabru loves you,
Saare aakhde tu laat niri agg di te pucchan ton darrda ae gabru
everyone says you are a flame, so he’s afraid to ask you.

Sanga ch lako lainda dil wali gal ni, saara din baitha rehnda raah teri mal ni
In his sighs he hides what his heart says, sits all day watching your path,
Dhuppan vich sadh da ae gabru, ni doh pal tharda ae gabru
he burns in the sunlight, two moments and he shivers

Teri deed vich billo lag gayian akkhiyan, bandh darwaje vich rehndiyan na dakkiyan
Awaiting for your glimpse i fall asleep, but my eyes are still at the shut door,
Jaanda vekh marda ae gabru, ni raahi dil karda ae gabru
He dies as he sees you go, he puts his heart at your path,

Chup chup rahe kujh sakda na bol nai, jhalla hoya phirda ae Inder Deol ni
Stays quiet cant say anything, Inder Deol has gone crazy,
Sochan vich hadh da ae gabru, o dubbda na tarda ae gabru
Hes lost in thoughts, neither drowns nor float.

Gabru – often refered to as a lad, young strong punjabi dude.



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